MJL Bangladesh launches engine oil Omera Lube 1



The MJL Bangladesh Limited on Thursday launched Omera Lube 1 brand of engine oil at a ceremony at the Radisson Water Garden Hotel in the capital.
Economist Wahiduddin Mahmud and MJL Bangladesh managing director Azam J Chowdhury launched the product of the company.
MJL Bangladesh chief executive officer Sanaul Haque said, ‘Omera Lube 1 5W 40 is a brand of advanced performance engine oil formulated under synthetic technology to provide wear protection for smooth driving experience.’
‘Omera Lube 1  5W 40 exceeds the requirements of the industry and the standard of car manufacturers required for high performance turbo-charged, supercharged petrol and diesel multi-valve fuel injection engines,’ he said.
Omera Lube 1 5W 40, approved by the world-class car manufacturing company BMW as ‘BMW Longlife – 01’ engine oil, is suitable for high speed and service associated with frequent start- stop driving, he added.

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